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An attempt at closure

Dear David

Below is a draft minute that the ABs are minded to put in the minutes of last night's ABs meeting. These would be distributed to the EMM tomorrow. Our intention is to try to effect closure so there is no point in doing this unless you can support the way forward we are wishing to implement. So the first purpose of this e-mail is to seek your cooperation in trying to end this matter in this way. You will appreciate that time is against us and it is going to be very difficult to get agreement from the ABs for anything else, just because of time and availability, so it's a bit of a 'yea' or 'nay' situation.

You will see that there is no reference to your offer to 'fill in' in the second half. That is because we have an eye on the main objective which is to get this plan accepted by the EMM, preferably without rancour. We have therefore avoided issues that could provide a platform. However the ABs have noted your offer and if opportunities arise in the second half of the year your offer will be considered.

We have also omitted any reference to the Diary, for the same reason. However it will be the intention of the ABs, assuming harmony prevails, to include your name and details in the list prepared in July for the 2012 Diary, given that we anticipate that things will be back to 'normal' by then. This decision is made by the ABs and does not come to the ecclesia so we do not need to wave it in front of the ecclesia at this time.

We very much hope that you will be able to give your support to this way forward (I have avoided the word 'agreement') for both the sake of the ecclesia and that of yourself, Viv, Jo and others.

No doubt we will all wish to reflect upon the events of the past few months, and learn from our experiences. However for personal and ecclesial peace of mind we also need to embrace the spirit of the agreement and look to the future and the rebuilding of harmony in the ecclesia and in our personal relationships, with the blessing of the Lord. We will need to help each other in this challenge.

With Love in the Lord


on behalf of the ABs of K&D

The following is a minute that the ABs are considering including in the minutes of the K&D ABs meeting held on 15 February 2011:


It was agreed that we should commend the following statement to the ecclesia.

In view of the fact that the ecclesial plan is now in place and printed Brother David has recognised that his active participation in ecclesial duties will recommence as normal in January 2012, assuming that the ecclesia continues in harmony with regard to the issues that have engaged us over the past few months. 

The other question under consideration has been Brother David speaking on the subject of origins. Brother David has accepted that he will not speak on these matters in the course of public duties at our ecclesia or at ecclesias which are unaware of his views, although he may respond to requests from ecclesias who know of his views on origins and choose to hear further.

Participation in ecclesial duties does not imply any particular right to any particular job. For example it is recognised that those who run Bible School and CYC, under the overall direction of the ABs and through them the ecclesia, will decide who is invited to teach or lead, taking into account the wishes of the parents of the young people.

In view of this the ABs consider that the terms of the ecclesial ballot held a few weeks ago have been met and there is therefore no need for further votes of the ecclesia. We ask that all members of the ecclesia strive to implement the framework set out in the ballot.

It is the desire of the ABs that we come together in love and fellowship seeking to encourage each other and all the members of the ecclesia in the service of the Lord.


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