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Getting it wrong

The errors made by my own church must not be allowed to happen again - I don't want anyone else to be mistreated in the same way. So here's my take on those errors. It believe it was: 

  • Wrong to entertain and act upon criticism of me in March 2010 without the procedure mandated in Matt. 18:15 having first been followed (many meetings have this as a constitutional requirement)
  • Wrong to conceal from the June 2010 members' meeting [CB]'s considered opinion that my beliefs presented no obstacle to my full participation in the church
  • Wrong to take two months after the June members' meeting to "specify the charges against me"
  • Wrong for [JB] to pursue a campaign against me while acting as Secretary
  • Wrong for [JB] to ignore the decision of the majority of his fellow committee members and launch a divisive and misleading attack on me
  • Wrong for him to remain a member of the committee (and therefore a charity Trustee) while actively campaigning against the majority view of his fellow trustees
  • Wrong for the committee to ask the meeting to vote again in November instead of simply reporting that the concerns referred to in June had been ‘worked through’
  • Wrong to allow the extensive and hurtful debate and action against me at the November members' meeting to go ahead in my absence
  • Wrong to treat the split vote as though it had been a vote against me, and wrong to change their position 180 degrees and ask for my exclusion, adding even more humiliating and draconian measures against me
  • Wrong not even to try and agree with me a mutually acceptable solution to the impasse
  • Wrong to tell me of the ballot only after it had been sent out, leaving me no opportunity to put my case
  • Wrong to construct the ballot in such a way as to contrive, indeed guarantee, a heavy and destructive vote against me
  • Wrong to accuse me of causing many members to threaten to leave, yet refuse either to tell me whom I am said to have offended or to require them to approach me
  • Wrong to allow my main critic to continue to be involved in discussions after his term of office ended
  • Wrong to extend my exclusion from participation indefinitely

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