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 This my personal home page.  It's mainly to provide access to papers on topics that interest me - often the compatibility of science and faith, or the importance of presenting Christianity and Biblical truth in contemporary, up to date terms.  You can contact me at

[email protected]

A word about me: I'm 61, a Christian father of 3 living in Solihull, England.  I worked for one of the professional engineering organisations, of which I'm a Fellow, and serve or have served on the Board of a public body and various other Boards and bodies connected with science, engineering or regional economic development. I hold a natural sciences degree and doctorate from Cambridge and am a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Scientist and Chartered Engineer.  I've also  been a trustee of three charitable organisations, two of them in the science and engineering sector and the third the Coventry Refugee Centre

A word of warning: some Christians have a real problem reconciling faith and science, or in acknowledging that no one denomination or school of thought has all the right answers. And on occasion, that can lead to opposition and animosity notwithstanding past years of fellowship and co-operation.  A note on my own experience ("A warning") might help others to be forewarned. 

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